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Cuba Denounces Foreign Provocation on Eve of Elections

Cuba’s Foreign Ministry has condemned overseas governments trying to destabilize the Caribbean nation’s diplomatic relations with other states in the final run-up to the March 11 legislative elections.

“With the financing and support of the external counterrevolution… and using a small illegal anti-Cuban group as an instrument,” outside forces organized the Freedom and Life: Oswaldo Paya Award to destabilize the island,” the ministry said Friday.

The statement was issued after former presidents of Colombia and Bolivia Andres Pastrana and Jorge Quiroga, along with Chilean legislator Jaime Bellolio, tried to enter the island to attend the event. They had already been warned they would not be welcomed.

The Cuban government explained that, through a communication strategy, international media outlets sought to mount a show in order to damage the progress of the elections.

According to the government, the strategy was supported and financed by international organizations such as the Democratic Initiative of Spain and the Americas; the Foundation for Pan American Democracy, and the Victims of Communism Memory Foundation. Organization of American States Secretary General Luis Almagro was also involved.

Cuba said such organizations don’t care about the problems of Latin Americans, reiterating its intention to face any provocation and warning Cuba will give “a firm response” because it remains loyal to the principles of the Revolution.

Bolivian President Evo Morales also criticized the actions of Pastrana and Quiroga, posting on Twitter: “We condemn the act of impertinent provocation and reckless interference by former presidents Tuto Quiroga and Andres Pastrana who were trying to enter the sovereign country of Cuba.”

Morales also said that people supporting coups d’etat and U.S. President Donald Trump would never be welcome in countries free of imperialism.

Meanwhile Cuba’s National Electoral Commission (NEC) says the country’s elections for the National Assembly and Provincial Assemblies of Popular Power, which is scheduled for March 11, will be a success.

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