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Follow This Cautions While You Step Out To Splash Rain Water

Rain brings us a relief from scorching rays. But the soothing rain water also brings some diseases with it. Thus monsoon is also a time to be extra careful about infections, in particular, gastrointestinal infections. In this season, immunity tends to be weakened, making people more susceptible to infections. During the rainy season, the moisture in the air increases to very high levels, and along with it, various microbes tend to multiply. Thus we are going to put forward some tips to stay safe in monsoon.

We should be careful while consuming certain types of food that can cause gastric problems during monsoon. Avoid oily snacks like potato chips, samosa.

Avoid street food and drink purified water because water is a most important factor that can cause diarrhea in this season.

It is very common in this season to see overflowing drains when it is raining heavily. So there is a high chance of contamination. Thus extra care must be taken for hands and feet, which should be thoroughly washed with soap and water as soon as reaching home and before consuming food.

Now only to say, follow this cautions and enjoy the ‘drip-drip’ this year.

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