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Art Licensing: A New Spectrum of Art

The word ‘art’ is an artistic word which bounds no limit. Truly speaking, everything is art and everyone can think in an artistic way. But the artists in our state are somehow not well-aware of the opportunities of art actually. In this context, Art Of Colour, a community of Artists all over India and IPMALL, a popular IP licensing Startup have jointly organized an event on 8th of July, 2017 in Gallery Gold, Kolkata, to help the artists to gather further knowledge on Art Licensing and how it can be helpful to artists, designers and others. Ashrujit Basu, a successful IP lawyer was present at the workshop hosted this event and spoke on the various aspects of Art Licensing in India. Apart from Ashrujit Basu, there was Debdut Mukherjee who discussed the IT related aspects of Art Licensing. Overall it was a successful session for the organizers as a good number of participants came from different states to enrich their knowledge with Art Licensing.

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