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Historic rally in Kolkata against religious fundamentalism


People of Bengal always stood for communal harmony. Today the streets of Kolkata were occupied by the people who were demanding peace & protesting against religious fundamentalism. The procession was vivacious with slogans & spontaneity . Spontaneous young  crowd pointed out that there will be no place for any religious fundamentalism in Bengal . The procession also gave a message to the people regarding the communal harmony and demanded a all-party meeting. A total of 19 parties , including 17 left parties, organized the march ,it started from historic Mahajati Sadan and ended at Dharmtala. Left Front Chariman Biman Basu, State Secretary of CPIM. Suryakanta Mishra were present in the historic march.

The strong massive message against religious fundamentalism will definitely put BJP in back foot as a procession organized by the state unit of BJP failed to draw any substantial  crowd at the same time.

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